Subsurface Games
Survive Preorder

Get instant access to the Survive Pre-Alpha and all future versions up to release! Includes a FREE Steam Key and DRM free downloads. With this tier you will get exclusive access to the preorder only forums along with a special forum title. Mac or Linux builds are not available yet.

What is Survive?

Survive is a zombie survival fps set in a procedural open world. You wake up in a random house in an unlimited procedural world. Explore this unlimited world to find the food, water, and weapons you need to survive the zombie horde. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Planned Features:

  • Procedural World and City Generation
  • Enter Every Single Building in the Game
  • Procedural Building Generation - Every layout is unique.
  • Survivor NPCs
  • Barricading and Traps
  • Multiplayer
  • Crafting
  • Vehicles
  • Smooth and Polished Combat
  • Dynamic Inventory System
Home Sweet Home

Start the zombie apocalypse in a scale model of your own house! Use a custom and simple 2D blueprint editor to create the layout of your house. Then the building generation system uses this blueprint to generate a fully fleshed out 3D house for you to Survive in! Like all the other tiers this includes all the previous rewards!

Closed Multiplayer Beta Access

Get access to the Closed MULTIPLAYER BETA! The closed beta will run for at least a month (most likely longer) before the open beta starts! Experience the huge number of multiplayer bugs, glitches and server crashes before anyone else! Once the multiplayer is relatively stable and working on a smaller scale (The closed beta) the open beta phase will start and is going to be open to everyone who has the game. This tier also includes all previous rewards!

Name in the game - Item

Name an item in the game! This could be an inscription on a special weapon, name of a street, name on a skill book, name on a brand of food, or any other item in the game. You can use your real name, a screen name, or just make up a name for whatever item you are interested in. There are some common sense rules about the name having to fit logically in the game and not be too offensive. So you can't include gibberish or any numbers/symbols in the name. For the most part you can choose any name you want, but we do have veto power and there are no refunds. If we have to veto a name you pick you can choose another until you get a name in the game. Includes all previous rewards!

Name in the game - Building

Name a store or other large building in the game! You can choose what your building actually is from the list of planned building/store types. For example you could pick Hardware Store, Sporting Goods Store, School, Police Station, Gun Store, Supermarket, Wallmart/Target Superstore, ect. You can also propose a new building type for your building that could make it into the game if it fits. You can use your real name, a screen name, or just make up a name for whatever item you are interested in. The restrictions on the name an item in the game tier also apply to this tier (must fit and not be too offensive). Includes all previous rewards!

Name in the game - City

Name a generated city in the game! The game generates large cities and small towns. Choose the name for one of these cities or towns! The name will appear on street signs, City Halls, maps, brochures, billboards, and just generally all over the city. You can also choose some characteristics of your town like population, geographical location, and average wealth. The name has the same restrictions as the previous two name in the game tiers. Includes name all previous rewards!

Become a Zombie

Get your likeness in the game as a zombie! You send in pictures of yourself and your face will be put into the game as a zombie. If you created a house with the blueprint editor from the Home Sweet Home tier you can send that in and your zombie will usually spawn in that house! You can also specify how many people live in that house so when you or someone else finds your house in the world your family members will be there. They won't have the their likeness(unless you get multiple copies of this tier), but they will be generally the same(male, female, age, ect.). When your house is found in-game you may have turned the rest of your family into zombies, or they may have survived and killed you after you turned! You can also choose some basic characteristics of your zombie like intelligence and speed. Includes name all previous rewards!

Become a Survivor NPC

Get your likeness in the game as a survivor NPC! Survive will have a very in-depth survivor NPC system with a lot of interacting systems. When you choose this tier you send in pictures of yourself and we put you in the game. After that you can send in your house blueprint from the Home Sweet Home tier. Your NPC will always spawn in that house with the rest of your family (in the same way described in the become a zombie tier). Depending on the simulation you and or some of your family member may be killed and turned into zombies. These simulations and everything your NPC does are all controlled by his/her stats and personality traits. You will be able to work with me to choose the stats, skills, and personality traits of your character and your family members! Includes name all previous rewards!