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Survive - $29.95 for Windows, Mac, and Linux ( preorder for $19.95 )

Survive is our new first person zombie survival shooter set in a procedurally generated open world. The idea of the game is what would you do in the zombie apocalypse. You are put in a random house in a huge completely procedurally generated world. You have to explore the procedural world to find the food, water, and guns you will need to survive the zombie horde. You have only one objective; you must survive the apocalypse by any means necessary. Survive is currently in development and you can try it for yourself if you pre-order. For more information about survive check out the blog.

Zombies - $0.99 on xbox live indie games

In zombies you are a lone survivor trying to survive the zombie horde. You can use 6 unique weapons and over 20 perks to destroy the zombies that are trying to kill you. You will never get tired of all the different combinations you can use to kill the zombies. How long can you survive? With the in game survival timer and high score leader board see who can survive the apocalypse the longest.

Balls N Walls - $0.99 on xbox live indie games

Use walls the trap bouncing balls in a never ending stream of procedural levels in this modern twist on a classic puzzle game. Play through two distinct game modes with unlimited replay ability due to procedural level generation. Track all you scores and stats on the high score leader board to see who is the best. Balls n walls is endless challenging fun of trapping balls with walls.

Crazy Particles - $0.99 on xbox live indie games

In Crazy Particles you play with the crazy particles to create all kinds of cool effects. Customize a range of parameters to see what happens. Change the color, direction, size and speed of the particles. Activate specials to create even cooler effects. There is no limit to the effects that you can create.

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