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June 29, 2016 By: David Tse

Pre-Alpha 6 is now live on steam for everyone! It has loot, inventory and survival mechanics. Which means no more unlimited ammo and you can now die from hunger and thirst! This is a huge step forward for the game, but it's just the first step. There is still a ton of iteration that will need to be done on these systems in the future.

I also made an update video were I talk about the designs for all of these systems and what the plans are going forward so you should check it out!

Pre-Alpha 6 Patch Notes

  • Inventory System!
  • Hunger, Thirst, and Exhaustion System!
  • Loot spawning inside all the houses!
  • Ammo and weapons are tied into the loot system. No more free weapons with unlimited ammo!
  • Zombies now spawn 80% in houses.
  • Fixed mouse input issues.
  • Loot database that has all the loot in the game.
  • Asset database system for quick lookup of files in-engine. Makes adding new content much faster.
  • Custom material format for quick loading of materials.
  • Custom entity format for Atlas to save out as loot.
  • Created entity editor in Atlas - the engine editor.
  • Added in-game patch notes so you can see what's changed in every version that gets uploaded to steam.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • Fixed a few crashes.
So like I said in the video we are moving to a tick-tock sort of release schedule. Where we do one update that pushes the game forward with cool new features like this inventory system or new zombie AI. Then the next update comes up behind it and works on performance, compatibility, user experience, and bug fixes. This way you get cool new features on a regular basis while also keeping the game performant and stable.

That means that the next update will be all about performance and user experience. With the most important item being the ability to save your world! Something that is sorely lacking in this current build. So i'll see you guys in 2-3 weeks with a faster and more stable build of the game! In the mean time be sure to head over to the Trello Board and watch these changes as they happen!

June 5, 2016 By: David Tse

The second Pre-Alpha 5 video is now up! It's all about the world generation pipeline with some cool shots of an entire city in the game instead of the 2 streets that were in the last video. Go check it out and let me know what you think!

If you like what you see in the video and want to play the game right now you can preorder it to get a steam key here:

I'm pretty happy with this video and the state of the game right now. I think it's really starting to come together and I hope you agree. Now i'm off to go work on the inventory and loot system, wish me luck!

June 3, 2016 By: David Tse

So I got a little carried away making improvements to the game for the video, but it's all done now! I did a ton of fixes, plus got trees and grass back into the game!

The first part of the update video is now up and part two talking more about the generation pipeline will be up in a day or two.

If you like what you see in the video and want to play the game right now you can preorder it to get a steam key here:

Pre-Alpha 5.2 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a few crashes related to having more than 10 CPU cores.
  • Increased zombie spawn count.
  • Added zombie wall avoidance so zombies inside don't get stuck on walls as much anymore.
  • Increased zombie field of view and view distance so they will spot you more often.
  • Added a zombie personal space hack that will make zombies attack if you get too close, Will be replaced with more advanced sound notice system in the future.
  • Decreased the size of the sun so lower resolutions won't get huge sun. Need to base it on screen resolution in the future.
  • Fixed player falling through the ground before world loaded.
  • New road/sidewalk mesh that fits with the world much better.
  • Grass is working again
  • Trees are working again with old tree models as placeholders.
  • Removed some video options that weren't being used.
  • Zombie view distance is now working properly, low setting should improve performance.
  • Fixed arrows sometimes getting stuck in the player resulting in an arrow that appeared to never shoot.
I wasn't planning on doing all of these things in 5.2, but while making the video I went a little overboard making everything look better. So it ended up becoming it's own full update almost, but I think it was worth it because the new sidewalk with the grass and trees looks infinitely better than with no vegetation.

Your performance will go down with 5.2, but this should be lowest point it ever gets to now that at a high level everything is in more or less. We only have up to go from here!

Like I said in the video i'm now working on the inventory, loot, hunger, and thirst system all of which will be in the next update. It should only be a week or two away, but will only be basic in the first update. If you want to follow it's progress make sure you head over to the Trello Board so you can see real time updates!

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