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January 8, 2015 By: David Tse

I mentioned some of this in the forums, but here is a quick update on what's going on with Survive.

The Pre-Alpha 5 update that was planned for the beginning of this month has obviously not come out yet and I've decided to push it to the end of this month. As you may know this update is all about building generation. I've actually decided to move slightly away from working on the building generation itself to working on the actual world generation!

Over this last week I have decided to make some changes to the initial world generation plan. Originally the plan was to have a literally unlimited sized world. While that sounds cool it doesn't actually add anything to the gameplay and actually conflicts with some of the other planned features like dynamic geography based weather and temperature.

So what I'm doing now is creating an actual earth sized map by generating tectonic plates and simulating their movement along with heat, moisture, and temperature simulations to generate the actual land layout and biomes of the world. So coastal areas with naturally be tropical and it will get colder the further away from the equator you go. This is even better than the original unlimited plan because you will actually be able to circle the globe if you happen to find a jumbo jet with enough fuel. The world can be any size because the engine was already designed for unlimited size. So scaling down to 510.1 million km²(size of earth) from unlimited is no problem.

If you where previously a Dead Linger fan and want to read my thoughts on their changes you can read my post in this thread: Here

This continent generation system is really exciting and will allow you to find a map of the world in the game and even be able to choose an exact location on the exact continent you want to play on when making a new game if you want to.

Things are getting really exciting now and we are only a few weeks away from having full world generation with continents and city/building placement!

December 8, 2014 By: David Tse

Everyone who already bought the game can now upgrade to any Survive reward tier they want! You can simply go to your My Account page on the forums and click the upgrade button!

From there you can choose what tier you want to be upgraded to. You will only have to pay the difference between the two tiers to get the upgrade. So if you where at the $40 start in your own house tier and wanted to upgrade to the $50 Closed Multiplayer Beta Access tier you would only pay $10.

Body Tint Variations
Random screenshot of Terminator 2 Zombies.

The engine and the editor are still in a state of deep reconstruction so there are no screenshots of the editor just yet, but there will be more info soon. Thank you all for supporting the game and getting the new reward tiers it really helps. I'm so excited to be getting back into %100 focus on the game after working on all the website and kickstarter stuff, buildings are going to be in Survive very soon!

November 30, 2014 By: David Tse

Hello Everyone, 

So first off I want to say thank you to all the backers and everyone else who so passionately supported the campaign. You guys are really awesome and I love you!

I meant to stop the Kickstarter a few weeks ago after it was clear the goal was not going to be reached, but I had to finish the new custom crowd funding page and the back-end required to handle the different rewards. I will be doing a full postmortem on what went wrong with the Kickstarter itself soon, but right now I'm just going to focus on the future. 

Don't worry, development is not going to change at all. For those of you who have been following development since before the Kickstarter, things will be getting back to normal with an update every month or so. If you found the game because of the Kickstarter then welcome! If you haven't already you should head over to the Forums and join the community

Like i mentioned before, there is a brand spanking new crowd funding/preorder/store page here: This new page has most of the rewards that where on the Kickstarter, but with some revised price points. Many tiers are cheaper than they were before. Most notably the "start in your own house" tier and the "closed multiplayer beta access" tier are a full $10 cheaper! If you get any of the rewards on the new page you will be able to immediately download the game via steam key or direct download! You could be playing the game in less than 30 minutes depending on your internet speed! I also added some more details to all the rewards so you should go check them out

While getting the full $60,00 goal would have been nice that full amount is not really necessary right now. As I said before, that amount was for the bare minimum art for the entire game. If most of the people who pledged on the Kickstarter go to the new page and get one of the rewards then there will be more than enough money to cover the basic world generation up to the steam release on early access.


As for the current state of the game I have not done much more work on the actual building generation since the last video for two reasons. The first reason was I had to drop everything and focus on finishing the new crowd funding page before the Kickstarter ended.

The second and much more time consuming reason is that I spent a large amount of time working on the game editor which is called Atlas. The perfect name considering the engine is the Titan Engine and Atlas is the Titan of astronomy and navigation. I've been putting Atlas off for a long time, but now that i'm working on building generation it's become a necessity. You might be wondering why I would even need Atlas considering the game is procedurally generated, and you would be right to an extent. 

While the world and the layout of the buildings are generated the things inside them can't be fully generated. By things inside the building I mean book shelves, end tables, sinks, cabinets, desks, tv's, ect. All of these things must first be created by an artist and then to actually get them usable for the generation system a few things need to be done. lights need to be added in the correct places, scripts need to be added for things like turning water faucets on and off, volumes need to be placed to describe where and what kind of loot can be spawned on/in an object like a cabinet, and certain markers need to be placed to determine how the generator should place/orientate these objects in the building. All of that stuff needs to be done in an editor. What this means is Atlas is not a traditional map editor like the editors from other engines(Unity, UE4's editor, Valve's Hammer, ect.). Atlas is only meant to create these self contained entities which are then fed to the generation system, there is no overall world editor. Atlas will also have a few sub editors like a material editor, script editor, and data manager to further speed up development.

Unfortunately I can't show you a screenshot of Atlas right now because before I started working on the website stuff I was in the middle of restructuring a part of the engine. Which means Atlas and the engine are currently broken and won't run. Now that I can focus all of my time on development screenshots, videos, and more info on Atlas and the world gen will be coming soon .

If any of you still have questions that I didn't answer here please feel free to leave a comment. 


November 9, 2014 By: David Tse By: David Tse

I finally started working on building generation! Check out the Kickstarter update and video where I talk about the progress: Kickstarter Post

World Gen wip 1

In the coming days I'll be posting more updates and videos about the building mesh generation!

October 31, 2014 By: David Tse By: David Tse

The Kickstarter is finally live! Even if your not interest in pledging the video does show all the new stuff that's in Pre-Alpha 4!

Thank you to those of you who have already preordered Survive! You can continue to show your support for the game by becoming a backer on Kickstarter! When you do, your pledge amount will be automatically increased by $25! In addition to the increased pledge amount, you will also get a FREE reward tier upgrade as thanks for your early support!

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