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9/9/2014 By: David Tse

The new payment system is finished! This was the last thing I had to do on the new website, so now I am back to working only on Survive!

This new system supports Google Wallet, Paypal, and Amazon Payments. I'm sure its not that exciting for those of you who already bought Survive, but this will allow everyone who wants to help support the game do so much easier and smoothly. I'm very proud of this system and it should not have to be touched for at least a couple of years.

All the old accounts have been migrated to the new system. So if you had an account in the old system you can recover your steam key here.

Now I'm off to go pick up destiny and get a few hours in before I start work on the new update!

September 1, 2014 By: David Tse

It's been two years, almost to the day, since the launch of the original website and the start of full time development on Survive. So it seems like the perfect time to move into the next stage of development. This next phase is largely about building and city generation which means I need a lot more models and textures. Which also means I need more money to pay people to make these assets. So sometime in the next month I will be launching the Survive Kickstarter!

I spent the last two months working on this fancy new website and the new community forums in preparation for the Kickstarter. I also spent a lot of time working on the Kickstarter itself so there is no new update to release right now.

There will be more details on the Kickstarter soon, but right now let me just say that if you have already preordered or if you preorder before the Kickstarter you will get a tier upgrade as thanks for being an early supporter. So if you pledge on Kickstarter you will get rewards based on the reward tier above the one you pledge for. I really appreciate all of you who have supported the game in its initial stages so you will also be getting early access to the multiplayer beta along with many more things in the future.

Whats on The New Site

The biggest addition is the new Community Forum! The forums are exactly what you would expect, a place for you to talk about Survive or anything else with other people excited for the game so head over there and sign-up! I try to read everything you all ask and post about the game, but there is so much it's easy for me to miss stuff. So if you have any questions or bugs to report please do it on these forums! Also if you are a preorderer you can access the preorderer only forums and your drm-free download by linking your steam account to your forum account.

Other than the obvious facelift to the main site I also added a FAQ and a Development Roadmap. The FAQ is exactly what it says, just a list of frequently asked questions about Survive and it's development. The Development Roadmap is my way of trying to give you all a better picture of what I'm currently working on and the plans for the future. There you can see exactly what I'm currently working on at a low level, what features I've added to the game since the last release, what's going to be in the next updates, and a high level overview of the planned features for the game as a whole.

Right now i'm working on finishing the new Survive purchase page. Its not done yet because there are a good amount of things relating to payment method integration's that are much easier once the site is live, but it should not take too long to finish. Once that's done I'll be doing the improved zombie killing update along with a large amount of polish in preparation for the Kickstarter. Like I said before if you want to see more details about this update or follow what I'm working on more closely you can use the new Development Roadmap!

Don't forget to join the new Community Forums to talk to me and everyone else who is excited for Survive!

July 11, 2014 By: David Tse

As a lot of you know Survive is using a custom game engine called Titan Engine. It is written completely by me from scratch. There have been some comments claiming that the game is running on Unity so I made a quick video showing the build process to put them to an end.

It is a rather dull video so I would only recommend it if you believe the game uses Unity, if you want to see some of the engine code/files for future hacking, or if you are just bored.

July 11, 2014 By: David Tse

So first off I got a new pre-release batch of steam keys from Valve so now everyone who got Survive from Desura can redeem their steam keys! All I can say is Valve is amazing and i'm sorry I didn't get the keys sooner.

So far this month I've only been working on the new website/forum so the update to the game will most likely be fairly small. I would much rather be working on the game, but I've been putting off this new website for way too long. The site will actually end up giving me a bit more time to work on the game in the future by making it more clear whats going to be in the game, what the current state of development is, and giving a centralized place to talk about the game via the forums. This way I can spend less time answering the same questions over an over. The website is getting close to finished, so I will probably have a little time to add a loading screen progress bar and a pause menu to the game. I might be able to get to some of the new zombie stuff, It just depends on how long it takes to finish the rest of the new site.

Thanks for all of your support!

July 3, 2014 By: David Tse

Survive Pre-Alpha 3 is now available to download for everyone who has preordered on their account page and on Steam! It has been uploaded to desura for the indie royale people, but the build is still awaiting approval. Unfortunately it will most likely be a few days before it gets approved.

For more info about whats in Pre-Alpha 3 along with some in-depth details you can go here: Survive Pre-Alpha Update Page

There will be a new update in a month primarily focused on getting the new zombie model in the game along with new zombie animations, ragdolls, and AI.

You can Preorder Survive for just $19.95 and download the latest Pre-Alpha build of the game right now! If you preorder Survive you will also get all future builds of the game up to release and a free steam key right now.

You can subscribe to email updates for the blog on the right side of this page, subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook Page to stay up to date on the development of Survive. If you would like even more frequent development news about Survive you can follow me on twitter @Subsurfacegames

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